Streamline your entire business process with our Manufacturing industry-specific ERP solutions to meet the demand of the digital era!

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Transforming Tomorrow in the Heart of Manufacturing Excellence.

Our Manufacturing editions provide a comprehensive solution for all ERP functionalities required by manufacturers. Production planning, production orders & scheduling, Customer management & order management, purchasing & inventory management, Operations management, Accounting & financial reporting functionalities are streamlined to drive your business to lead the industry in this highly competitive digital era.

Main Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

Complexities in the supply chain.

Forecasting & planning downtimes for optimal operations.

Encourage R&D while justifying R&D budgets with deliverables.

Ensuring productivity & safety of employees.

Adopting innovations and new technologies.

Meeting market demand on time.

Introduce new products to the market without delays to leverage the first-mover.

Moving to Industry 4.0 to meet higher productivity and efficiency.

Why Our Manufacturing Industry ERP Solution

Facilitate well organized and efficient Scheduling, planning inventory and WHM.

Utilizes assets efficiently.

Reinforce R&D while improving the ROI on R&D spend.

Increase productivity of the employees and efficient use of resources.

Enables a complete Industry 4.0 transformation.

Option to have Cloud-based or on-premises ERP solution.

Continuous support from our team of experts.

Reduce operational & supply chain complexities while making it transparent.

Efficient management of suppliers, customers, and financials.

Enable fast-time-to–market.

Enhance the quality, safety, and compliance.

Excellent user experience.

Role-based BI & access to information.

Provide on-demand reports for decision-making.

Main Functional Modules

Production Management

Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Inventory & Procurement Management

Order Management

Service Management

Project Accounting


Field Service Management

Distribution Management

Other Industries

Telekom, Germany

Distribution, Supply Chain, Warehouse Management

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Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure

Service Industry

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