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Why do you need to upgrade to IFS™ Cloud?



You must be wondering if your current ERP software version is “doing the job” and if there is a reason to upgrade to a new version when the vendor releases a new version claiming advanced functionalities, efficiency improvements, technological advances, etc. Why do software vendors release updates and new versions, anyway?

When it comes to most new software releases, developers continue with research and development on the product to add new capabilities such as configurability to reduce modification requirements; improving functionalities to support better processes; fixing bugs; and security issues that are discovered; thus reducing vulnerabilities and cybersecurity threats your company may face. On the other hand, such releases could entail major changes to underlying architecture such as moving to the cloud, making software platforms independent adding intelligence and autonomous capabilities etc.

Furthermore, it could involve; lack of mobility, missing features/functionalities, compliance with the changes to laws and regulations, increased cost of maintenance and most importantly improve user experience. 

IFS™, being a class-leading solution provider, has released a fully cloud-based version of its software which empowers you to choose how you wish to host your solution. You can select IFS™ fully managed cloud, on-premises or self-managed cloud infrastructure. This latest version comes with 100% open APIs which allows seamless integration with any other systems, using capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML), Internet of Things (IoT) or Robotic Process Automation(RPA). 


Bi-annual optional releases with IFS™ cloud means that the solution is always up to date with new capabilities whilst keeping the impact on business to a minimum level.

New IFS™ Cloud brings to you.

●    A sophisticated user interface to drive employee engagement & satisfaction while improving the speed and efficiency of decision making.

● A cloud platform that is responsive to screens of different devices for a greater user experience, AI, IoT, and a host of other application services to facilitate remote assistance in services or predictive maintenance.

●    A Single Platform that includes all IFS™ products 

 ●    Rapid Evolution for FSM

      -New service innovation to support Field Service Management like Remote Assistance functionality, keeping the phase as the industry-leading solution.

●    Maintenix components for Aircraft Maintenance

●    Enhancements– some of the key enhancements are listed below.

      Service Management– Embedded Remote Support for Service & Maintenance.

      Asset Management– Improved EAM Technician Portal.

      Projects– Improvements to Contract Management.

      Manufacturing– Supplier classification tracking & improved quality management.

      MRO– Improved Heavy Maintenance Engineer Portal and Aircraft maintenance visit material and part sourcing.

      HCM– New Browser-Based Time Clock, APIs for integration with third-party payroll systems.

      Supply Chain- Warehouse Data Collection (WADACO) enhancements.

      Platform– New Machine Learning application service new capabilities for process automation, OData-based RESTful APIs to replace BizAPIs for system-to-system integration.

●    New Release Cadence

     – Releases new functionalities every six months along with monthly service updates

●    Evergreen Support

      IFS™ Application 8 or below – This is already in the restricted support phase. 

      IFS™ Application 9- Standard support is not available and extended support is only available until mid-2023 and will move to restricted support thereafter.

      IFS™ Application 10- Standard support expires in 2025 and extended support will be available until mid-2028

      IFS™ Cloud-Evergreen Support- Standard support is available with monthly service updates. 

      Accordingly, Upgrades brings you more capabilities and helps you remove obstacles that you are facing as every upgrade comes with advanced technologies and capabilities for your company to stay agile. IFS™ cloud is something that you should consider if you are looking to make your business evergreen and help you to stay ahead of the competition.

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