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A smooth upgrade to IFS Cloud

As businesses evolve and grow, the need to adapt and optimise their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions becomes increasingly vital. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive guidance and insights to help organisations seamlessly upgrade and transition to the latest ERP technology. From an initial Upgrade Readiness Assessment, upgrade planning to post Go-live support, we are committed to empowering businesses with the knowledge and strategies needed to successfully upgrade their IFS system. Join us on this journey as we explore the best industry practices, methodologies, and success stories that showcase the transformative power of the latest IFS version.

Upgrading an ERP system is a complex and critical process that requires careful planning and execution. Here is a methodology for upgrading to IFS Cloud, summarised into five main points/milestones.

Customer Engagement

Discuss the benefits of upgrading, provide advice on the opportunities and emphasise the importance of staying evergreen.

Capture high-level details of the existing IFS Applications environments and the expected to-be environments after the upgrade by using a questionnaire.

Provide T-shirt sizing for the upgrade.

Upgrade Discovery

Gather details by using the Upgrade Readiness Questionnaire and environment analysis scripts.

Perform workshops and conduct a thorough assessment of the existing solution, including its functionalities, integrations, and customisations.

Review the latest version of the IFS Cloud software and assess how it aligns with the organisation's requirements.

Define the high-level To-Be solution by configuring new features, modules, and integrations to meet the identified business needs.

Identify prerequisites for the technical platform and provide recommendations for infrastructure design.

Define, plan, and estimate the technical platform upgrade services (IFS Core Upgrade Estimation).

Identify, plan, and estimate Configurations (C), Reports (R), Integrations (I), and Modifications (M) to be uplifted (IFS CRIM uplift Estimation).

Provide an Upgrade Proposal, including a detailed project plan outlining the scope, timeline, resources, and budget for the upgrade.

Upgrade Solution

Initiate the upgrade project, validate all the prerequisites and processes, and prepare for the Upgrade.

Perform Upgrade Build and Verification, Upgrade Iteration 1, and any additional upgrade iterations to smoothen the Go-Live activities.

Define and establish the To-Be Solution and verify that the established solution fulfills agreed requirements within the scope.

Develop customisations as per the specific needs of the organisation, including workflows, reports, and user interfaces.

Develop or update any custom applications or integrations that are required.

Perform comprehensive testing of the upgraded system to validate its functionality, performance, and data accuracy.

Develop a comprehensive training program to educate Super Users and Administrators on the new features and functionalities of the upgraded IFS Cloud ERP system.

Support implementing change management strategies to prepare the organisation for the transition to the upgraded system, addressing any resistance or concerns from stakeholders.

Upgrade Rehearsal

Rehearse Core Upgrade and the Cut-Over activities.

Support for Operational Readiness Testing.

Perform final validations, verifications, and preparations for Go-Live and receive the approval for Go-Live from the organisation.

Go-Live and Post-Implementation Support

Execute Upgrade Go-live, ensuring a smooth transition from the old system to the upgraded IFS Cloud system.

Provide post-upgrade support to address any immediate issues or challenges during the hyper-care period.

Establish a feedback mechanism to gather input from users and stakeholders, allowing for continuous improvement of the upgraded system.

Celebrate the Go-Live, but that’s not the end. Now for continuous improvement.

Following these five main points/milestones will help ensure a successful IFS Cloud upgrade, enabling the organisation to leverage the full potential of the new system while minimising disruption to its operations.

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