Achieve excellence in the services industry with the transparency of the entire operation while delighting your internal & external customers

The service industry is an industry that requires extra accuracy and well-organized processes as it deals with intangibles. Delivering efficient services while helping customers acquiring new customers or retaining existing customers, is a real challenge! On the other hand, the transparency of the services internally as well as to the customer, has become a necessity in today’s service-centric companies. Our service industry ERP solution enables contract management, scheduling, service delivery in the field(mobile), accounting & billing, purchase & sales order, project & customer relationship management and service management. The system can manage workflows, warranties, appointments etc. Importantly, our team of experts specialized in multiple ERP solutions can help you to achieve excellent measurable results for your company.

Main Challenges in the Service Industry

  • Project management to ensure delivery within budget.
  • Managing thin margins & achieving profit goals.
  • Customer expectations on the full transparency of the workflow related to services.
  • New talent acquisition and retaining existing talent, while providing training and development.
  • Predicting the risk factors and customer demands.

Why Our Field Service Management Focus ERP Solution

  • Service management with managing workflow, warranties, appointments, orders etc.
  • Contract management with managing service contracts, route management, service history and equipment etc.
  • Scheduling related to staff, map display, calendar board etc.
  • Managing field services with tracking, time tracking, signatures, mapping etc
  • CRM
  • Accounting & finance.
  • Management of sales & purchase orders, inventory, projects.

Field Service Management Focused Main Functional Modules

  • Budgeting & Financial Management
  • CRM & Document Management
  • Project Costing & Accounting & Billing
  • Inventory & Resources Management & Scheduling
  • Appointments, Sales & Purchase Order Management
  • Material Requisition Planning (MRP)
  • Service Support Automation
  • Case Management

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