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Ravindra Janaka Promoted to Global Support Director at Platned



We are thrilled to announce the well-deserved promotion of Ravindra Janaka to the prominent position of Global Support Director at Platned, a leading provider of ERP software solutions and services. This strategic decision acknowledges our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer support and strengthens our global operations.

Ravindra Janaka, Group Support Manager at Platned

As Global Support Director, Ravindra will lead Platned’s customer support teams worldwide, ensuring the delivery of best-in-class service and assistance to our valued customers. Working closely with regional teams, he will streamline processes, implement best practices, and devise innovative strategies to elevate the overall support experience.

Platned CEO, Chamara Arunoda, expressed his excitement about the promotion, stating, ” Ravindra Janaka has consistently showcased exceptional leadership qualities and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. His promotion to Global Support Directors highlights his invaluable contributions to our organization and our unwavering commitment to delivering world-class support services. I have full confidence in his ability to lead our global support teams and further elevate our customer experience.”

Ravindra started his career path in accountancy, but in 2006 his career path took a transformative turn when he joined IFS Sri Lanka as an Application Consultant in the Distribution area which was his first steps in the ERP world. He worked for over 13 years in IFS Sri Lanka, expanding his knowledge and expertise within different departments. 

His journey began in the IFS R&D team, familiarizing himself with the intricacies of the ERP Application, setting the foundation for his career growth. His path then led him to the Scandinavian consulting team, where he spent 7 years refining his skills as a consultant. These years were invaluable, as they provided him with a diverse range of challenges and opportunities to learn and adapt. He developed into a more versatile and resourceful consultant, ready to tackle any project that came his way. In 2014, he took on a pivotal role in the IFS Extended Support Team, marking a turning point in his career. Here, he found himself surrounded by an incredible team, all dedicated to providing top-notch support and managed services. It was during this period that he truly felt his abilities as a leader come to fruition.

When ending his career at IFS as a Principal Business Systems Analyst and a Team Leader, he took on responsibilities that further honed his leadership skills and nurtured his passion for excellence.

Throughout my time before Platned, I was blessed to encounter supportive leaders who recognized my potential and encouraged me to embrace it. I owe a great deal of my success to Maryam Marrikkar, Vemindra Sangakkara, Sujeewa Dharmawardena, Sandamali Handalage, Pujitha Illukkumbura, and Chamath Abeygunawardena who have been truly remarkable influences on my journey.” Ravindra said.

Ravindra’s journey took a major turn when he joined Platned, and the last three years have been nothing short of remarkable. This period required the culmination of all the skills and knowledge acquired throughout his career, and the environment at Platned provided the perfect platform for his growth.

“As I look back on my journey, I realize that the key to my success has been a combination of experience, passion for quality, and an open approach to learning and growth. The support of my teams, colleagues, mentors, and remarkable leaders has been the driving force behind my rapid progression from Senior ERP Consultant to Global Support Director. I take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the leadership team at Platned. Their belief in my potential, continuous training, and unwavering support allowed me to flourish. I am incredibly proud and privileged to work under the guidance of CEO Chamara Arunoda, CTO Harsha Yapa, COO Saminda Gunawardena, and CCO Pragash Somasundaram.

As I embark on this new chapter as Global Support Director, I am excited to lead a team dedicated to empowering businesses through our advanced ERP solutions. I look forward to leveraging my diverse experiences to ensure that our clients receive unparalleled support and expertise while the employees are receiving the best work life,” said Ravindra.

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