Food and Beverage Industry

Overcome challenges in the Food and Beverage industry with our feature-rich and industry-specific ERP Solutions

The food & beverage industry is a progressive industry that is highly sensitive to the impacts within and beyond. We help you to overcome your business challenges by taking you through a confident & rapid journey to transform your business into a digital enterprise irrespective where you are in the manufacturing, processing, wholesale, warehousing, supply chain & distribution business.

Main Challenges in the Food and Beverage Industry

  • Extracting the best out of innovations & trends.
  • Maintaining quality and complying with regulations.
  • The complexity in manufacturing, operations & supply chain.
  • Lack of collaboration across different functional areas.
  • Enhancing the productivity of employees.
  • Drive innovation & improve processes.
  • Stay up to date with industry requirements.

Why Our F&B Specific ERP Solution

  • Option to have Cloud-based or on-premises hosted solution.
  • Continuous support throughout the digital transformation journey.
  • Reduce cost, wastage, resource underutilization, etc.
  • Efficient management of suppliers, customers, and financials.
  • Enable product innovation.
  • Enable fast time to market before competitors.
  • Enhance the quality, safety, and compliance.
  • A transparent supply chain
    • Facilitate excellent traceability, forecasting, smooth inventory & distribution management & product evaluations.
  • Excellent user experience & employee satisfaction.
  • Role-based BI & access to information.
  • Operational excellence
    • Enable planning downtimes, asset & energy management, streamline on-premises and field services with mobile solutions, etc.
  • Provide on-demand reports for decision-making.

In addition to the core ERP solution for the F&B industry, we can provide you with industry add-ons, horizontal add-ons, and additional add-ons, etc to match your entire business process starting from material planning to delivering to the end customer. Whether you are involved in manufacturing, processing, packaging, distributing & warehousing, retailing, and servicing in the F&B industry we have the right solution to match your unique business needs to transform your business into a digital enterprise!

Main Functional Modules

  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Manufacturing and Procurement
  • Distribution and Order Management

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