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Why and when do you have to upgrade your IFS™ application?



IFS™ is a leading software solution provider that develops and delivers best in class Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) solutions to businesses worldwide with thousands of delighted customers. IFS™ ERP systems provide advanced and detailed functionalities across various industries along with other solutions such as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Field Service Management (FSM) software solutions.

Often you see messages that pop up saying “A software update is available” which you easily click on “cancel” instead of “install” thinking you will get to it later. Do you?

Do you know what comes with these update options? Usually, the IFS™ vendor provides periodical updates and patches which contain new or enhanced features, functionalities, security and better User Interface (UI) to make your IFS™ application best service you.

There can be multiple reasons why you may have second thoughts when clicking on “Update”. One reason is that they genuinely postpone it to undertake later which may end up carrying on with the older version of the application which is with limited functionalities. Another reason is, it might be that sometimes people take their own time to realize that they need updates which might be reasoned out from the actual functionality gap they find while they are daily using it. Or else they skip it as they might not know if they want it or not. Also, it could be because they might think it will complicate their current workflow or have an impact on daily operations or be reluctant to pay the cost of the upgrade.

Due to numerous reasons, the software must be updated, and IFS™ has taken this into account by time to time upgrades it releases that are figured out through continuous R&D and customer feedback appraisals.

Why do you have to upgrade your IFS™ application?

  • To include patches remedying security holes and bug fixing- To avoid information being lost, stolen or even damaged.
  • Benefit from new or enhanced features, better compatibility with different devices or applications while removing outdated/ irrelevant features to improve user experience.
  • To have the latest versions that can give the best ROI on your software investment without becoming obsolete.
  • Access to the latest technologies to boost the company’s performance.
  • To increase the productivity and efficiency of your hardworking staff & the software itself with advanced features that make employees lives easier.
  • To stay compliant with the latest regulations and be risk-free of huge fines and lawsuits and be ethical in handling information of customers. For instance, Acts like GDPR mainly safeguards the interest of data protection of client information which keeps evolving to help secure them better.
  • To reap out better integration capabilities

When do you need an upgrade of your IFS™?

Here are some instances that you should actively consider upgrading your IFS™ application.

  • Compliance with regional, national and international laws and regulations
  • Missing standard features
  • Moving away from support for the older versions by the vendor

On top of the above, several things should be evaluated before upgrading your IFS application to the new version, along with an extensive cost-benefit analysis. And it is critical to understand the ideal timing to go for an upgrade that gives the best value for IFS™ customers. It may be tomorrow or in another years’ time.

Therefore, you should leave it to the experts who can provide you with such in-depth analysis.

Platned for your IFS™ upgrades

Contact Platned if you are looking for.

  • Upgrade to the latest IFS™ Cloud from the previous IFS™ version
  • Adding new modules to existing IFS™ environments
  • Migration from on-premises to cloud

Also, we provide below IFS™ Services.

  • Functional & Technical services
  • Managed Services
  • IFS™ Business-System health Check
  • Automated System Monitoring
  • Oracle Database Support

With extensive experience in multiple industries and the capability to handle complex implementations, we provide complete peace of mind by looking after your IFS™ applications and databases, with our expert services, which can be tailored to meet your specific challenges.

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