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Inventory management for an agile distribution process



In todays’ dynamic business environment, one common problem for many companies those who involve in manufacturing, warehousing & logistic, wholesale distribution, transportation etc. is the challenge in meeting market demand quickly and responsively. On the other hand, the shorter the product life cycles are, the faster should be inventory response time. Moreover, if not for efficient inventory management, companies may face the risk of products being unsold that will increase inventory costs eventually having a detrimental effect on profit margins. Therefore, efficient inventory management is vital in having a competitive edge in the competitive business landscape.

Thus, a company must adopt a fully-fledged agile inventory management system to face the changes in the dynamic business environment and overcome the challenges confidently as it will provide your customer with a quality experience. An agile inventory management system helps companies to track, organise, issue, and manage inventory with improved speed, accuracy, and transparency for overall operational excellence.

As your warehousing or production scale-up, you might need better control of your materials in the warehouse, materials in transit etc. with having full control of it. A need for better management of inventory can be fulfilled by having a scalable ERP solution that facilitates efficient sourcing, inventory tracking, accurate & efficient inventory audits, efficient document management & inventory issuing, fast & unbiased reporting with a 360° view of inventory. Having an ERP solution in your distribution company will help to have a smooth continuation of workflow with a great degree of reliance to face the unseen business challenges.

Also, the ERP solution will help you to continue your business operations by planning your inventory to be responsive to shifts in consumer demand and market supply. Also, it helps avoid unnecessary costs in inventory wastage while help in maintaining an optimum level of inventory to avoiding quick purchases at high costs and maintain the quality of materials that purchase.

Having an ERP system for your distribution company also helps you to manage your inventory at different locations, business operations in multiple warehouses or different countries/ regions with real-time visibility of inventory and a quick glimpse of your overall business performance. On the other hand, now you can make your routine & time taking processes assisted with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to simplify and make them efficient.

Accordingly, stationing a well-defined inventory management system would be a competitive edge for your company as it will be a long-term investment that you make for an impregnable business operation.

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