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Ensure your customer stays with you, with timely delivery of orders



Have you been worried about delivering late to your customer? Or have you received complaints from your customers due to the inconvenience that they had to face since the expected delivery was delayed?

Customers want every order they place to be delivered at the right time, right place with the right quality in the right condition and that is exactly what the distribution businesses should focus on achieving. On-time delivery is perhaps the most important issue customers are concerned about next to the condition of the items. Today, customers are even willing to pay additional amounts for fast deliveries with full transparency from the start to the end of the orders. One of the most serious costs that any business has to pay for late delivery is breaking the trust of the customer which finally leads to great disappointments and loss of brand image result in switching suppliers/brands. Therefore, an efficient delivery/ distribution is required to minimize the bottlenecks and gain and retain loyal customers to succeed in the highly competitive and dynamic market.

On-time delivery of orders are not merely the responsibility of frontline delivery persons in your organization but includes wider scope. Proper raw materials, goods in transit, work in progress management being an important element in inventory management timely replenishment, purchase order management and issue management facilitate efficient delivery. On the other hand, pick, pack, ship operations and sales order management contribute to on-time delivery at a greater scale.

Today, the selection of correct technologically advance ERP solutions are capable of streamlining different processes and functional areas within your distribution enterprise minimizing manual intervention for process alteration to have a standard workflow with minimizing inefficiencies. Also, it would help to adjust to fast-changing dynamic environments and enable efficiently to manage the entire production and supply chain process with ease.

An ERP solution that especially focuses on distribution enterprise would benefit you with industry-specific functionalities and best practices. Warehouse management, inventory & supply chain management, order management are some of such key functionalities that you should look at when you are selecting an ERP along with financial, sales and other support activities if you are in the distribution & logistics industry. Through the automation of these functions, businesses can serve their customers better with shorter delivery times, and hence control costs ensuring a long-term relationship with your client.

A well-established Distribution Management Software that includes efficient inventory and operations management & inventory tracking, customized dashboards for data visualization and KPI realization, automated customer management, field services and documentation, effective AI and Machine learning to automate repetitive cycles with real-time tracking & access to data and many more would add value to your business and help you reach your goals efficiently while satisfying your customers with providing a greater value to your customers too.

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