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Achieve operational excellence in your Wholesale & Distribution business with an ERP solution that will drive your digital enterprise.

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Navigating the Future of Supply Chain Management with Technological Ingenuity.

Our Distribution industry-specific solutions helps overcome challenges to make your venture successful by addressing the problems in warehousing and distribution management. Whether you are involved in wholesale distribution, supply chain, logistic or a retailer, our Distribution management solution will be the ideal solution to match your exact business needs. With our ERP solutions, we help our customers to overcome their bottlenecks in their processes and while establishing best practices employed by successful global companies.

Main Challenges in the Distribution Industry

Visibility to manage inventory.

Delivering innovative services with greater value to customers.

Provide a flawless customer experience, despite continuous shifting customer expectations.

Overcome supply chain complexities.

Increase the productivity of the employees.

Maintaining profitability.

Maintaining a resilient supply chain.

Processing customer orders and meeting them on time.

Why Our Distribution Management Focus ERP Solution

Efficient inventory management with real-time visibility of available inventory, inventory in transit, while managing inventory costs & timely ordering to maintain business/process continuity.

Streamline the order process from receiving orders from the customer to order delivery on time.

Reduce costs & make relationships with vendors by automating purchasing process.

Assess real-time cost and profitability of orders or business as a whole.

Warehouse management with managing inventory, orders, costs and customer satisfaction.

Advance financial capabilities that facilitate a variety of accounting & finance related functionalities.

Improve productivity & streamline the entire business process.

Manage multiple orders and contracts in the same warehouse with advanced Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Option to have Cloud-based or on-premises ERP solution.

Efficient management of suppliers, customers, and financials.

Enhance the quality, safety, and compliance.

A transparent supply chain Facilitate excellent traceability, forecasting, smooth inventory & distribution management & product evaluations.

Excellent user experience & employee satisfaction.

Role-based BI.

Operational & supply chain excellence.

Provide on-demand reports for decision-making.

Main Functional Modules

Inventory Management

Sales Order Management

Purchase Order Management

Requisition Management

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Order Management

Financial Management

Other Industries

Engineering, Construction & Infrastructure

Service Industry

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