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8 Reasons why you should Outsource IFS™ Support from Platned



  1. Highly-skilled functional and technical consultants at your disposal: Platned always have a combination of functional and technical consultants available around the clock. This assists you to solve any issues in quick time saving you money and valuable time you can allocate for the business.
  2. Support packages designed to cater individual client requirements: All companies have a customized method of operations and Platned provides a customized support package to suit the size and type of operations you need.
  3. 24/7 global support: Platned has a 24/7 support team located in UK and Sri Lanka to assist you anytime of the day to give you the flexibility to resolve issues.
  4. Feasibility of Changing the IFS™ Requirements: IFS™ requirements in the company is likely to change over time due to competition and technology developments. Having an on-call service desk helps you to change or amend your requirements quickly.
  5. Compliance of service level agreements: Platned’s compliance of service level agreement gives the assurance that all incidents received through our helpdesk will be completed on time.
  6. The ability to monitor the status of the cases: Although the support is outsourced by the client, the client will be able to log into the Servicedesk to know the current status of all their cases.
  7. Detailed reporting: A detailed report on the total number of cases and hours spent on each case will be provided on request, to client ensuring that all cases are being monitored on a timely and accurate basis.
  8. Well-dedicated customer service team: Platned provides a dedicated customer service team to provide you with a support second to none. You can always rely on them to clarify your queries against any tickets handled by the team.

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