IT Services

Your business success lies greatly on your management, and you can achieve better results when you focus on your core business activities, allowing experts to handle your IT services. Platned is a one-stop IT firm with a wealth of experience in organizing and executing both simple and complex IT tasks. Our list of IT services will make your business stand out, grow and imbibe digital transformation initiatives for better consumer experience and business accuracy.

  • End User PC Support.
  • Server Support – Windows Servers, Linux Servers.
  • Firewalls (FortiGate, Checkpoint, Cisco, Juniper Net Screen, Draytek, Sophos)
  • Routers (Cisco, HP, Draytek)
  • Switches (Cisco, HP, Dell)
  • Virus and Malware Protection
  • Spam filtering and Protection
  • Web filtering and Monitoring
  • Secure sharing and Remote Working

IT Service Desk

One of the comprehensive IT services we offer to small, medium and large enterprises is IT Service Desk. Platned offers a first point engagement between your business and its daily users; we handle user communications, manage service requests and incidents, providing a go-to point for your business IT needs. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, catering to the IT needs of both small and medium brands across the world, we know what it takes to provide unparalleled solutions to your queries.

Our team of IT experts is always available from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm to handle your projects in line with our agreement with your business. We believe that your business grows only when you have ample time to focus on your core business; that’s where we come in handy with our IT services. We let you outsource your IT department to us and run your business in its full potential.

We are not your regular IT services providers, we stand out with our unmatched services, operate in line with SLAs signed by our clients, as well let them have a full picture of all call logs for support queries.

When Platned handles your IT service desk, you are sure to get topnotch service delivery which includes:

  • Expert and highly-skilled staff on your project.
  • Single Point of Contact.
  • 90% of queries are completed within 30 minutes.
  • 80% Calls are resolved at the first point of engagement and avoid hand-offs, escalations and the need for call-backs.
  • Service Level Agreements.
  • Call Prioritization depending on the criticality.
  • Provide an end-user Self-help portal accessible 24 hrs/day (even when your service desk is closed)
  • Perform customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis to understand how your clients feel about the services they are received.
  • Use real-time helpdesk reports, dashboards and analytics to monitor operations and initiate corrective actions before issues become problems.
  • Implement service request workflow capabilities in your helpdesk software to help orchestrate escalations and hand-offs.

Managed Firewall Services

Security is an important issue that must be addressed to avoid abuse of your network from hackers and misuse from employees.

While you are connected to the Internet your network is open to the public unless it is protected by a firewall. Networks that are connected to the Internet are vulnerable to malicious attacks from hackers and virus infections. A well configured firewall will block uninvited visitors whilst allowing remote access to authorised users and services.

Most firewalls now offer a host of other advanced features such as gateway antivirus, spam filtering, content filtering and the ability to block specific applications such as instant messaging to add further protection and restrict how the Internet is used within the office.

Internally, sensitive information such as personnel records, management reports and accounts data can be protected by configuring permissions that only allow access for those who are authorised. Passwords to access the network should be changed on a regular basis and should be sufficiently complex that they cannot be compromised.

Platned can advise on all aspects of network security, firewalls, virus protection and implement a security policy to protect your data and systems.

Platned have the expertise to configure, deploy and manage a wide range of firewall devices from many vendors including

  • FortiGate
  • Checkpoint
  • Cisco
  • Juniper Net Screen
  • DrayTek
  • Sophos

IT Consulting

No business owner or organization would cheerfully want to get a poor ROI; we understand this and go above and beyond to show businesses and take them through the best path to achieving their objectives. Over the years, we’ve successfully helped organizations and business with project consultation before initiation which made them save money and complete projects successfully and boost customer satisfaction.

We show companies and make them understand the full potential of their risks and investments. At Platned, we don’t just make ordinary assumptions and give business advice. We take our time to conduct in-depth research, make analysis, employ both automated and manual processes, and then draw on our experience to give the best business advice your brand or venture needs to break even and enjoy higher ROI with time.

  • Selecting an apt cloud solution and internet service.
  • How to get the best out of available solutions in the market.
  • Selecting suitable on-premise or cloud server, data centre infrastructure and seizing your data centre with utilities.
  • Selecting a suitable WAN and ERP solution.
  • Choosing cybersecurity controls, BCP, and DR services that are ideal for your organization.
  • Automating manual processes and developing bespoke systems.
  • Email and server migrations.
  • Selecting Hardware, software and suitable telecom solutions for your business.

Managed IT Services

IT systems are an integral part of virtually every business, and having an expert team of IT specialists to manage your IT systems and services is paramount. We are in a fast-growing world of technology, hardware and software interactions. For your business to get the best out of your computerized industry, you need a managed IT service provider. Platned offers a fulltime network monitoring to ensure proactive system monitoring and optimized performance.

We offer a one-stop IT management for enterprises that seek a more cost-effective yet expert IT service, providing on-demand servers, storage, bandwidth, and memory. We let you cut down on your expenditure on IT by providing any IT infrastructure or service upon demand. We have been doing this for years, and have helped many businesses successfully. You too can join our unending list of satisfied clients.

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