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Platned & Infor

Infor M3 Channel Partner

The partnership of Platned and Infor aims to deliver rich industry-specific ERP solutions to cover unique business needs in the food & beverage (F&B) and Apparel industries.

As the Infor Channel Partner for Infor M3 solution, we aim to provide you with a fully-fledged solution for our Infor customers with our expert functional and technical consultancy teams.


Why Infor M3 Cloud ERP Solution

The Infor M3 Cloud ERP software platform offers ultimate flexibility in operations and technology and is scaled prominently for the process manufacturing industry.

By default, Infor M3 is built-in with industry-specific knowledge and implementation acceleration to reduce any extensive configuration changes and reduce our customer’s time, cost, and minimise risk and updates in the long run. And Infor M3 provide an industry-specific solution for the food & beverage and fashion & apparel industry.

Infor M3 Benefits

Optimised for Manufacturing And distribution

Industry and purpose-built solutions

Easy integration & workflow process

Built in industry specific knowledge

Multi-country, Multi-company and Multi-site Platform

Easy & fast integration & scalability

Built for digital Age

360° global operational visibility

Why Platned for Infor M3

  • Approved Infor Channel Partner
  • A multinational team of experts armed with multi-dimensional skills & expertise in multiple ERP systems.
  • Extensive multi-industry knowledge.
  • Full support service with 24 x 7 active support team.
  • Full resource capability.
  • A customer-centric company focus on value addition to customers.
  • Timely delivery of projects.
manufacturing erp

Platned & Infor M3 Industry Focus

Food and beverage ERP’

Food & Beverage

Fashion & Apparel



Core Products for General Business Functionalities

  • Financial Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • Customer & Sales Management

Add Ons

  • Enterprise Assets Management (EAM)
  • Customer Life Cycle Management
  • Field Service Management
  • Product Life Cycle Management
  • Implementation Accelerator
  • Commerce

More Ad-Ons are available, and the application will be suitable based on industry and the nature of your business. Talk to us to have your customised proposal best-suites your company!

Infor IAs(Implementation Accelerators)

Implementation Accelerators (IAs) are a set of preconfigured yet flexible industry solutions based on the latest version of the Infor application suites. With the Implementation accelerator, we deliver predefined yet easily configurable menus, processes, and prototypes, which will save your time and money. Further, it will reduce the risk, and you will know the outcome of the process even before we make it Go Live. With the streamlined processes that can deliver you value in a short period, you will get your ROI much faster. In addition to the above, our solution will help you to; incorporate leading industry practices, reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), Lower project risks.


What Infor Customers say

Brooks Sports, Inc.

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Tree Top

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FPL Food

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Dr. Pepper-Snapple

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Case Studies


Reduced runtime and a migration go-live that took only 23 hours at Red Wing Shoes.


Increase in inventory turns at Wilcon Builders Depot using M3.


Boost in productivity at Polisport with M3.


Reduction in hardware refreshes, database maintenance, hardware, storage maintenance and IT resources over 5 Years at Drillmix Inc. while increase revenue by 211% with new management takeover & implementation of Infor ERP System.

Infor M3 ERP for Food & Beverage Industry (F&B Industry); A purpose-built ERP solution for Food & beverage Industry

Platned partnering with Infor, provides Infor M3 ERP solution, one of the best software for the food and beverage industry. Our industry-specific ERP for Food and beverage industry evolved with Cloud-based ERP technology and continue to progress with the new technology. Meantime, we enable you to have flexible hosting options; on-premises or on-cloud at your choice. Our solutions are flexible and expandable as the company grows. The built-in industry-specific functionalities at the core require less configuration and customization that help implement the system extremely fast with a great time to value. On top of that, you get the opportunity to adopt the best practices of successful F&B companies across the world by having our Infor ERP system implemented.

More than 1400 companies worldwide in the food and beverage industry have trusted our Infor M3 industry-specific ERP solution to streamline their businesses. You can have yours now with Platned!


F&B Industry Key Challenges

Product innovation​

Do you know 30 percent of the profits from products are gained in the first year of operation? That’s why you need to continually launch new products to remain relevant, attract consumers, and secure shelf space.

Service excellence ​

When it comes to the F&B industry, many ingredients are seasonal, whereas they are only available at select times of the year and the high perishability result in limited shelf life. Similar to ingredients, finished products also face the same. For example, to meet the demand for turkeys for Christmas/ Thanksgiving, the supply should be planned and built to stock to meet market demand without shortfalls. On the other hand, promotions create demand spikes that are difficult to forecast and plan for. So, to provide excellent service by delivering what customer wants, there should be a great level of operational excellence with having streamlined processes between different functional areas.

Quality and compliance ​

Poor quality is the reflection of penalties/chargebacks/ law suites and dissatisfied consumers. Having to recall products that are already released to the market is the worst situation as it damages your goodwill. F&B industry is very sensitive to quality as it’s directly impacting public health. You will have to adhere to food safety regulations and standards which are compulsory. If you are looking to enter the global market, it is much broader, whereas you will have to comply will global regulations and standards too. In addition to that, you need to ensure financial compliance.

Operating costs ​

Raw material, labour and energy costs are on the rise, and it will directly impact margins. In this tight margin industry, a small change in the yield results in an exponential drop in profits. On the other hand, price pressures also squeeze margins. Therefore, it’s essential to manage costs and margins closely.

Why select Infor M3 ERP for your Food & Beverage business

Industry focus

Infor M3 provides industry focus solutions for the F&B industry with deep vertical & micro-vertical expertise in the industry, built at the core solution itself.

Reinforce Innovation

Infor M3 for F&B accelerate innovation while providing you with a platform to transform your operations.

To stay agile

Our purpose-built ERP solution comes with periodical upgrades for new features and functionalities with a continuous R&D process to improve performance and be agile!

To become customer-centric

We are transparent about the possibilities that we can bring to uplift our customers’ businesses. Also, we listen to your requirements and help you achieve them fast by adding value to your company.

F&B industry micro-vertical focus

Are you an F&B manufacturer in any of these sub-segments? We understand you have unique needs, and you want to address them with the ERP solution that you want to associate. You are now looking at the right solution!




Meat, Poultry & Fish

Food Ingredients


Fruit & Vegetables

Grains & Cereals

Animal Feed

Confectionary & Snacks

Convenience Food & Ready

Infor CloudSuite (CS) for Food & Beverage

Core products​

Infor CS F&B

Our best-in-class ERP system for F&B is ideal for producers and distributors in the F&B industry, which contains built-in industry and subsegment/micro-industry specific capabilities at the core. Our base product includes core processes of the food& beverage businesses, inventory and warehousing, finance, sales, procurement and manufacturing. Also, the versatile system provides an exceptional user experience, powerful analytics, F&B specific business intelligence multi-company; multi-country; multi-site capabilities. It promotes fast implementation with pre-configured F&B industry best practices.

Birst for Analytics, Implementation Accelerator and Infor OS

Birst for Analytics provides F&B specific business analytics using patented automation and ML technologies. The Infor Implementation Accelerator provides pre-configured business processes, user-defined menus, F&B industry-specific training guides.



Industry common Add-Ons

PLM process

Helps manage total product life cycle, including developing and managing new and re-formulated products and meeting regulatory requirements such as reporting, complying with laws, providing ingredient details.

M3 Graphical lot tracker

Helps search, trace backwards assisting identifying product issues & other product issues and generating customer recall lists etc.

Factory track

Automate standard processes in the warehouse and the production floor, including receiving goods, pick and pack, dispatch, inventory transfers, physical inventory counts and manufacturing order reporting.

M3 Planning Workbench (PWB)

Help achieve supply chain excellence by balancing supply and demand with optimal resource utilization and minimizing overall supply chain cost while alarming when need attention to possible supply chain problems.

M3 Scheduling Workbench (SWB)
Helps conflicting production objectives with mid to short-term planning and scheduling.
M3 Demand Planner (DMP)

Centralize organization-wide demand by identifying seasonality, promotion plans etc. and add new product expected demand from an existing product, estimate and manage exceptions with demand sensing.

Additional Add-Ons

There are several other horizontal and vertical Add-Ons that we can provide you to become a digitally- driven F&B 

Our expert team will guide you through the best portfolio of solutions to achieve your specific business objectives

What Infor M3 for F&B industry customers experience

  • Feel reassured that they could do everything to manage food safety issues
  • Proud to be on the leading edge with industry 4.0 capabilities, sustainability, and food safety
  • Happy that they never have to do a major ERP upgrade again
  • Have a better life at work
  • Always excited that the capabilities they see at user groups and events are already available to them
  • Feel confident exceeding customer expectations and being ahead of the competition
  • Feel comfortable knowing that they can help quickly onboard new people
  • Feel assurance that the product can be made for the right cost, and it is safe and adhering to compliances

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