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13/10/2021 | Platned

8 min read

An ERP is exceptionally known to be the DNA of a business as it adds immense value and competitive advantage by streamlining business functions, improving visibility, productivity and hence increasing customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs.But the real question is, is your ERP scalable as your business grows and can it adapt to the changing needs and demands of your business? Let’s find out!

22/09/2021 | Platned

6 min read

Companies are under pressure to gain visibility into their multi-tier supply chains and share more information with their customers, partners, and other stakeholders. Requirement for traceability & transparency is increasing every day due to regulatory due diligence requirements, increased investor and consumer expectations, and technological advances which have raised the bar etc.

10/09/2021 | Platned

8 min read

Food supply chains are increasingly becoming complex and dynamic to serve ever-evolving consumer needs. On the other hand, F&B manufacturers are heavily dependent on their supply chain whereas one supplier may source from one or few other suppliers in the local or global market and at the end of the day you are not having only that supplier

03/09/2021 | Platned

6 min read

IFS™ is a leading software solution provider that develops and delivers best in class Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) solutions to businesses worldwide with thousands of delighted customers. IFS™ ERP systems provide advanced and detailed functionalities across various industries along with other solutions such as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Field Service Management (FSM) software solutions.

29/08/2021 | Platned

9 min read

Inventory is often the largest asset most of the distribution companies have. It is also expensive to purchase. Therefore, having poor inventory control may result in working capital crisis, damage, expire/ perish of inventory which will have a ripple effect on profits. On the other hand, if a company doesn’t manage to sell its inventory at the right time, it “eats” the profits by increasing the cost of inventory handling that can be one of the main bottlenecks for the growth of wholesale distributors, warehousing and logistics companies.

13/08/2021 | Platned

7 min read

You must be wondering if your current ERP software version is “doing the job” and if there is a reason to upgrade to a new version when the vendor releases a new version claiming advanced functionalities, efficiency improvements, technological advances, etc. Why do software vendors release updates and new versions, anyway?

03/08/2021 | Rukshan B.

4 min read

“Industry best practices” is a common term in the ERP world, where most of the ERPs utilize standard practices in the industry to build their ERP solutions. Best practices are a collection of norms & methods which are commonly accepted as successful practices by the industry professional and successful entities. In the context of ERP solutions, integrating industry best practices are important to fasten the implementation process and benefit from industry best practices that are tested and proven to be effective.

29/07/2021 | Platned

5 min read

To begin, it’s important to remember that most ERP software systems are designed and developed using industry standard practices in order to implement them faster with less customizations. Obviously, implementing a proper ERP system will bring in disciplined procedures to the company, but sometimes the standards are difficult to adopt across different industries.

15/06/2021 | Platned

7 min read

Most of the manufacturing companies today take mixed challenges such as compliance management, adhering with regulations, traceability requirements, managing inventory and supply chain, staying up to date with the rate of innovation within the industry and skill gaps. 

07/06/2021 | Rukshan B

1 min read

AI and DATA Protection Artificial Intelligence is taking over many industries by facilitating personalized experience and managing & providing information. One of the main fear factors among the public against the adaptation of AI is the privacy concern related to data usage of individuals without their consent for various purposes.

07/06/2021 | Platned

6 min read

A business is made from numerous building blocks; from Finance to Manufacturing, Purchasing, Marketing and they must meet their individual and collective goals to meet company overall goals where the ultimate success is how well they synchronize within and beyond!

03/05/2021 | Platned

5 min read

Have you been worried about delivering late to your customer? Or have you received complaints from your customers due to the inconvenience that they had to face since the expected delivery was delayed?

20/04/2021 | Saminda G

11 min read

Having managed few data centres myself, I am aware of the troubles we went through when there are power outages, AC failures, when perfectly fine DR scenarios don’t work, when actual disaster hits and so on. IT professionals should love the cloud services.

20/04/2021 | Platned

4 min read

In todays’ dynamic business environment, one common problem for many companies those who involve in manufacturing, warehousing & logistic, wholesale distribution, transportation etc. is the challenge in meeting market demand quickly and responsively.

20/04/2021 | Rukshan B

3 min read

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a long and comprehensive process that involve several steps and procedures. Even one missing step or element can invalidate the whole project, leading to a massive waste of time and resources.

05/07/2019 | Platned

2 min read

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the process of interchanging business documents between business systems using a standard format. It is an electronic process sent through business processes, between companies rather than manually printing each document and mailing them.

05/07/2019 | Platned

2 min read

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a long and comprehensive process that involve several steps and procedures. Even one missing step or element can invalidate the whole project, leading to a massive waste of time and resources.

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